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We know where to find the real treasure

Spiritual Mallorca: another way of sightseeing.

Spiritual Mallorca seeks to promote cultural tourism as an economic engine of the island, avoiding seasonality and attracting visitors with sensitivity to history, heritage and the environment. It is presented as an emotional route through the heart and soul of Mallorcans, with the advantage of being a product available all year round.

The notable places included in the Spiritual Mallorca visit are:

  • Mallorca Cathedral

  • Sanctuary of Lluc

  • Cure Sanctuary

  • Cloister of San Francisco

  • Museum and Church of La Porciúncula

  • Terraces of Santa Eullàlia

With more than 150,000 visitors a year, Spiritual Mallorca's offer contributes to presenting Mallorca as much more than sun and sand. Without a doubt Mallorca is a privileged place, a paradise with extraordinary beaches, but Mallorca is much more, it is heritage, it is culture, it is gastronomy, it is art, it is architecture...

Tourists and pilgrims have a whole universe to discover in Mallorca, don't miss it.

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Spiritual Mallorca

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